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NOTE: RedRover recognizes the fluidity of the novel coronavirus pandemic and will continue to follow expert recommendations concerning COVID-19 as it relates to pets.
Infectious disease experts and multiple international and domestic human and animal health organizations continue to agree there is currently no evidence 
to indicate that, under natural conditions, pets spread COVID-19 to people. There is no need for people to surrender their pets due to COVID-19.

On-site housing and Off-site housing for people and pets who need a safe escape from domestic violence.

If you think you are experiencing abuse or violence in a relationship and need assistance, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1.800.799.7233​ 


Find a Safe Place

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Find a Safe Place

On-site Housing

A domestic violence shelter with the ability to accept families with pets on-site.

Off-site Housing

An organization with a program to accommodate the pets of domestic violence survivors when pets cannot stay at the domestic violence shelter (e.g., foster program, boarding facility).

Success Stories

Because your organization exists, I know I can offer women in danger a solution to that awful choice – keeping herself safe versus keeping her animals safe. This particular client was not going to leave her dogs behind and in danger. Without you there to help her she would still be married to her abuser.

RedRover gave me the ability to leave with my family intact and go somewhere where everyone would be safe.

While I hope no one experiences domestic violence, I am so happy to work with your organization if we are called to help again.

We frequently have women call or come to us for shelter who are reluctant or refuse to leave unless they can take their pets with them. Pets are an important part of their support systems and families; they just need an appropriate place at our shelter. Thank you for the opportunity to realize this important project.

Without your grant I would not have been able to stay in the shelter during that time and may have been killed by this man. I can't thank you enough for all of your help.

I'm writing to say a heart-felt thank you for sheltering one of my client's pets while she prepared herself for a safe, new life. You went above and beyond to ensure that her pets would be her companions when she completed the program. Without a doubt, your services contributed to her success. Helping women leave abusive and manipulative environments is very difficult and really does "take a village."

Nearly 50% of domestic violence victims have delayed leaving their abuser out of fear of harm to their animals.

52% of victims in shelters leave their pets with their batterers.