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Pets Are Family: Help families and pets find safety together

RedRover is working to connect pet-friendly domestic violence resources with people in abusive situations.

Studies show that 68% of households in the U.S. include pets, and up to 50% of domestic violence survivors delay leaving out of concern for their pets. We believe that pets are family, which is why RedRover is helping families and pets find safety, together, through our Safe Housing and Safe Escape programs.

Now, we're expanding our efforts even further by putting resources in the hands of people who often serve as trusted confidantes: hairstylists. In 2017, Illinois became the first state to pass a law requiring all salon professionals to complete a one-hour training course on how to spot warning signs of abuse, offer verbal support and refer clients to crisis groups. Fourteen states have now introduced similar types of legislation.

There's an easy way you can help people and pets escape abuse. We’ve created a wallet-sized resource card that you can give to hairstylists and others who may need it. This small act of “passing it on” can help people - and pets - find safety from violence. This card directs people here, to our Safe Place for Pets website, where they can find pet-friendly resources in their area. Our goal is for these wallet cards to be distributed to salon professionals nationwide - and this is where you come in.

Please help us connect our resources with the people who need them. If you have a good relationship with your hairdresser, you can help us by talking to them about this issue. Complete the order form, and we will send you a pack of wallet cards to distribute. We'll also provide a handy informational sheet with some suggested talking points.



Volunteers are essential to making many domestic violence programs that help pets possible. Here are some ways to lend a hand to further this cause.

  • Learn all you can. View the training section on our resource page to learn about various online and offline ways to increase your expertise about the topic.
  • Spread the word. Print our flier (PDF) and share it with the people in your community who can make a difference, such as shelter providers, advocates, and those in the animal and law enforcement communities.
  • Share the search. Download one of our images from above, then link to You can encourage domestic violence shelters, animal groups and others to embed these images into their websites.
  • Lend a hand on-site. Use Safe Place search to a find local shelter; contact them about volunteering. Organize supply drive for local shelter.
  • Raise funds. Work with your local family violence shelter to organize a SAF-T awareness day on the first weekend in October.
  • Donate no-longer-used wireless phones and accessories in any condition from any wireless provider at any Verizon Wireless Communications Store, through a HopeLine® phone drive.


This project is funded entirely by private donations. Please support our work.